457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Fund Information

The goals, strategies, and risks vary among the funds that make up the Plan. By allocating your investments over a combination of the funds, you have the opportunity to create an investment portfolio that addresses your current situation and future goals.

Find out more about each of the available Plan funds by clicking on a fund name below:

Note: Fact sheets for some investment options currently are unavailable. To access all fact sheets, select “Fund Prices” under the Investments tab.

Do-It-For-Me-Path Help-Me-Do-It Path Do-It-Myself Path View the fund performance (pdf)

*Contributions cannot be made directly to the SDBA.

Prior to investing, you should carefully review all fund information and objectives and consult with your investment adviser. Information on the investment options can be found on this website, or you can obtain information by calling 1-VRS-DC-PLAN1 (1-877-327-5261) or by visiting the local office in Richmond.